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Cape Tarkhankut: Escape to the edge of the world

Being a quite, mysterious, and romantic place, Cape Tarkhankut – the western top–end of the Crimean peninsula – is literally the end of geography. Sizzling hot steppe suddenly breaks off into the cool depths of the Black Sea. Here the wind grinds out incredible rock shapes: arches, grottoes, tunnels, and statues, and fresh springs erupt from the bottom of the salty sea. It is the place where inanimate eyes of the overthrown idols of the Communist era stare from the crystal depths of the coastal waters – the unique underwater cemetery of monuments “Alley of the Leaders” still welcomes new “clients”.

Cape Tarhankut is the westernmost part of Crimea. In winter this land witnesses the strongest storms of the Black Sea, while the summers here are hot and dry. This time of the year sun rises and sets in the same point, days are warm and windy, while nights – cool and quiet. And the sea is really amazing – live, pristine, and crystal clear.

The summer season kicks off in May and winds down in October, attracting diving fans to Cape Tarhankut, which is a true paradise for them. Underwater visibility is up to ten meters here, while the sea–bed areas with different sets of depths stretch along the whole coast. This “specialty” enables both “dummies” and “pros” to sharpen their skills. The bottom relief is truly fantastic! No wonder, all Soviet movies about aquanauts were filmed here. When diving, one can see the unique “Alley of the Leaders”. Over the past decade, more than fifty monuments to the leaders of the Soviet regime were solemnly sunk here. This underwater museum still enlarges its collection with new exhibits, never complaining about the lack of visitors. Cape Tarhankut will also amaze those preferring to stay above the water surface: the wind always blows here, making Tarkhankut the real Promised Land for windsurfers, though still discovered by few of them. So, hurry up and prepare to enjoy!

However, to fall in love with Tarhankut, you don’t have to be a diver or a surfer. Having the sense of beauty is quite enough – the nature of this wonderful region will leave no one indifferent. The most beautiful parts of the coast are situated near the local “centre of civilization”, Olenivka village. Incidentally, you can stay in a local hotel, if you do not wish to pitch a tent right on the sea shore. Traveling four kilometers south-east from Olenivka, you will discover the Big Atlesh Cape, where nature sculptured a huge arch, and people built a stone staircase to immerge into the water. The neighboring Small Atlesh Cape makes boast of a hundred-meter passage tunneled through the limestone mass. Next to the cape, there’s the famous “Bowl of Love” –a natural pool filled with warm clear emerald green water. And covering a distance of three kilometers northward from Olenivka, you will enjoy the views of the Dzhangulsk Slide Coast. It is the dream of every photographer! Here, the sun, the water and the wind created numerous stone “sculptures” of the most intricate shapes – this site is a “coastal twin” of the famous Ghost Valley of the Crimean Demerdzhi Mountain.

So, if you wish to escape to “the edge of the world” and spend a few days in a “lost paradise” of bizarre rocks and warm bays – seize your chance! The amazing Cape Tarkhankut awaits you!

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